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Sri Lanka is a county that is continually adapting in order face new global challenges. Concentrating on what the future holds for the country, The Ministry of Primary Industries was established in 2015 with the intention of developing Sri Lanka’s primary industries in order to promote economic development and realize the government’s developmental goals of achieving USD 25 billion exports and creating one million jobs by the year 2020 through import substitution policies.

A primary industry is any industry such as agriculture or fisheries that is concerned with obtaining or providing natural resources for conversion into commodities and products for the consumer. With diverse agricultural zones allowing enormous potential for agro based industry and access to a large fishing area, Sri Lanka’s primary industry is the backbone of the economy and has much to offer both local and foreign investors in the agriculture, livestock and fisheries sectors.

The Ministry of Primary Industries in Sri Lanka works to enrich the economy and drive trade and investment forward through the management and sustainable utilization of the country’s natural resources and enhancing value chain development.

At the heart of primary industry development is the goal of increasing the value of primary sector assets such as agriculture, horticulture, fisheries by focusing on projects that will lead to sustainably increasing productivity, protecting our land and water from harmful pests and diseases, safeguarding our diverse and unique natural environment, encouraging an innovation culture through technological development, taking measures to ensure food quality and integrity and to create a platform for sustainable economic growth in order to ensure the best social and economic outcomes for Sri Lanka.


Value Chain Development

The Ministry aims to achieve its developmental goals by collaborating with all stakeholders in the value chain development network. Currently, smallholder farmers and agribusinesses are at the base of the value chain; a growing number of whom produce and process high-value crops that have an increasing global market. However, despite having quality products with established markets, most of the smallholder enterprises lack the financing to invest in inputs such as seeds, fertilizer, purchase raw material, and build processing facilities, warehouses, or other value-adding infrastructure. Moreover, without being linked into larger markets, farmers and small agribusinesses are limited to producing only what they need for subsistence.  Read more...

Product Diversification

The Ministry of Primary Industries is striving towards enabling Sri Lanka’s primary industry exports to become more competitive in the global market and bring about a reduction in the trade balance through greater diversification of agricultural products. In order to bring about high-end value addition, the Ministry aims to create opportunities for farmers to produce safer, higher value, and varied agricultural products by using the land for the cultivation of high end diversified crops, with a focus on quality rather than quantity.  Read more...


In order to make the supply chains of primary industry commodities sustainable and profitable, the Ministry aims to promote exports by adding value through the branding of products as "Sri Lankan”. The objective being to develop a Sri Lankan brand that will appeal to consumers, differentiate products from those of competitors and help to develop products around the core strengths of the country.


One million employments by 2020

USD 25 billion exports by 2020

Rs. 600 billion in agricultural import substitution

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