Prawn and Sea Cucumber Project

Several projects were commenced in 2017 targeting the two Fishery Mega Zones of Ampara and Kilinochchi-Jaffna. Some of the projects were commenced in 2016 and some were implemented in 2017. The Prawn and Sea Cucumber Farming Project targeting the Kilinochchi-Jaffna Mega Zone is one such project which has been implemented successfully. As a solution to the threat of prawn and sea cucumbers becoming extinct in the natural environment and with a view to creating the market for prawns and sea cucumbers which command a high demand in the overseas markets, 40,000 fingerlings have been released to reservoirs through this Project. It is possible to derive an export income of 1,500 million dollars through the Project. In addition, 100 prawns and sea cucumber cages are to be given to farmers.