Cinnamon Development Programme

The research programme on cinnamon and cinnamon based products – Sri Lankan cinnamon popularly known as “Ceylon Cinnamon” which is cultivated on the Sri Lankan soil has a high demand in international market. We enjoy an unparalleled position among countries supplying cinnamon to the world market. If we are to save that unique position for the future as well, our cinnamon should be of superior standard. Cinnamon, which was supplied as quills, or sticks, of bark in the past, now not only comes to the market in powdered form and as cinnamon tea, but also enjoys an alternative use and an increased demand driven by health advice of various forms. The Ministry of Primary industries has taken steps to issue a standard certificate for our cinnamon industry as we have had to compete with many a cinnamon product which cannot even compare to “Ceylon Cinnamon”.

Five research projects were commenced with five selected Universities to conduct researches on cinnamon-based products in collaboration with the National Science Foundation. These projects run from 2016 to 2020. These researches are expected to open up new pathways and find new discoveries for the promotion of cinnamon and cinnamon-based industry.