Land Utilization Project

The Ministry’s goal of modernizing the agriculture sector through the increase in agricultural productivity and the value addition of smallholder farmers and agribusinesses is faced with a number of challenges, mainly low productivity and high cost of production.

With large areas of land in Sri Lanka producing at only a small fraction of their potential productivity, the country has an urgent need to reduce their trade gap and create conditions for rapid social and economic growth through a rational and organized re-allocation of agricultural land use.

By making land utilization a priority the Ministry aims to make available  underutilized government land for cultivation and farming purposes, for the cultivation of diverse crops, seed production, dairy farming, spices plantations, and agricultural diversification provides the opportunity for farmers to diversify into value addition.

Provision will also made for agricultural training, incentives, innovation, improved physical infrastructure, and marketing facilities. Cultivation on plantations, privately owned lands and home gardens will also be encouraged to   achieve high levels of agricultural productivity for the purpose of stimulating economic growth and increase in export income.