Minister mediates to end cinnamon re-exportation racket

Minister Daya Gamage says he has taken measures to end a racket to re-export imported cinnamon under the ‘Sri Lanka cinnamon’ brand.

He was speaking at the fresh cinnamon festival at Seenigama Devale at the weekend, organized by the Galle district Cinnamon Growers Association, Export Agriculture Department and the Primary Industries Ministry.

The minister said this racket had adversely affected the market for local cultivators and the quality of ‘Sri Lankan cinnamon.

As per a memorandum submitted by him to the cabinet, the entire process of cinnamon importation and the re-exportation of the same under the ‘Sri Lankan cinnamon’ brand were halted, he said.

The minister also said the fresh cinnamon festival from next year would be held along with a pageant in order to give a value to the cinnamon market.

A large number of cinnamon growers and producers participated.