Minister’s Message

Daya Gamage

Constituted in September 2015 with the blessing of the Prime Minister and His Excellency the President, the objective of the newly established Ministry of Primary Industries is to give effect to the government’s vision to increase the value of primary sector exports and to achieve economic growth through investment, innovation, and the sustainable development of Sri Lanka’s primary industries.

The Ministry has undertaken to give effect to the government’s targets of doubling primary sector exports to USD 25 billion and to increase employment to one million by the year 2020 through import substitution policies.

Primary industry is the subject of a very large area and spread over numerous fields into which the other ministries, departments and agencies as well as private sector businesses are a part of. The Ministry places great emphasis on collaborating with industry partners, other government entities, relevant government officials and all stakeholders in a coordinated effort to generate value for the economy by assisting farmers, cultivators, and producers and to increase the value of exports in the international market.

Working together in a collaborative manner with mutual understanding of all relevant parties is an essential feature of this ministry as this participatory approach is one of great merit and a novel idea and a departure from the traditional approaches previously adopted.

I commend the Secretary of this Ministry and the staff for their efforts in working towards achieving the proposed objectives of this ministry and pay regard to their commitment and progress thus far.

Hon. Minister Daya Gamage