Value Chain Development

The Ministry aims to achieve its developmental goals by collaborating with all stakeholders in the value chain development network. Currently, smallholder farmers and agribusinesses are at the base of the value chain; a growing number of whom produce and process high-value crops that have an increasing global market. However, despite having quality products with established markets, most of the smallholder enterprises lack the financing to invest in inputs such as seeds, fertilizer, purchase raw material, and build processing facilities, warehouses, or other value-adding infrastructure. Moreover, without being linked into larger markets, farmers and small agribusinesses are limited to producing only what they need for subsistence.

Using value chain approaches the Ministry aims to assist farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs by creating opportunities along agricultural value chains to transform commodities into higher-end value products. Enabling them to offer value-added products at lower production costs and linking smallholder farmers to global value chains the primary industries in Sri Lanka will be able to   achieve a high standard of production in order keep up with competition in the global market and to bring about a sustainable approach to economic development.